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Scoreland: Angela White - Angela Gets Hammered

Angela White - Angela Gets Hammered
"What am I expecting? I'm expecting a big, hard cock pounding into my pussy. I'm ready," Angela White says, eager, psyched-up, and horny. Always horny. You know how horny she is. In her very first interview in Miami (September '04 SCORE and on video in SCORE Theater), Angela talked about masturbating when she gets up in the morning. This is a girl with tigress blood in her veins. We knew it. "I just use the showerhead because I like the feel of the water running on my pussy and on my clit. I'd show you, but then I'd have to fuck you because I would get so horny. And, I don't know, you may not be able to handle me. I'm a lot of woman, even though I'm still only a young girl." When we asked Angela how she dealt with her horniness, she said, jokingly, or maybe not, "I usually just rape a lot of guys. Well, not rape them, that would be wrong. I attack them. I've got a couple of regular fuck buddies so if I'm horny, I'll get them over." Since the beginning, everyone of us could only create a movie in our minds of Angela White fucking and being fucked while we looked at her photos, played her videos, listened to her in that very first interview video. Imagined, daydreamed and fantasized. Many thought Angela would never take this next step. Some held glimmers of hope that one day she would do the deed. And now, hand it over to Angela.
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