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1By-Day.Com - Eva Parcker : Ass Plugging At The Doctor's

Eva Parcker : Ass Plugging At The Doctor's
If you’re not a doctor, why not play one in a daydream? Imagine your own clinic, and picture Eva Parcker as your imaginative, playful girlfriend, showing up for an unusual appointment today. She looks so alluring even fully dressed, but the fun truly starts when she strips off her clothes down to her black-and-yellow lace lingerie and fishnet tights, and reveals that she’s been wearing a silver metal butt-plug ever since you put it in there for her, oh, last night, after you had wild backdoor sex together! Yes, Eva has been following your orders to keep a plug in her booty so nobody else will have space to park his cock in there like you do! Eva will give you quite a complete solo show as she shares incredible views right from the top of her head, alongside her butt, and right down to her bare feet. The French beauty takes out the plug, rests her rosebud for a few minutes, and then selects an even bigger and more intrusive plug to replace the first one, so that her ass will constantly remember that no dick but yours goes in there! And she puts her clothes back on with a happy smile that shows how such kinky obedience really turns her on!
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