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Rachel Aldana - Black And White Babe - BTS - Set 1

Black And White Babe - BTS - Set 1
Hiya everyone and welcome back to Monday.  I am here with my always reliable Monday new photo set for you and because big boobs in a tight bra never seem to go out of style, I thought I'd bring you another smashing round of my big boobs in this fabulous black-and-white polkadot bra.  I like this one because as you know my big boobs have been drawing even bigger recently and so I have had to contend with all the things that go along with much larger breasts and you can see what I had to deal with in regards to this bra because it couldn't quite stack-up… trying to get my huge tits into these things can be a bit of a chore sometimes but that's the sacrifice I make for you because I know how much you will love it ;-) xoxoxo -- Rachel
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