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Scoreland: Jana Kucova - Stacked Sac Siphoner

Jana - Stacked Sac Siphoner
This is Jana. She is from the Czech Republic and she has a huge rack. Huge is not even the word to describe the size of her love pillows. They are firm globes of pleasure designed to provide a place for you to rest your head, your hands and your dick, if you so choose. And unlike American girls, Jana understands this dynamic and doesn't find it insulting that you might want to not speak, but rather, whip your cock out and spray her melons down. In fact, she expects it. She might just even love it. It certainly looks that way because the minute she gets a chance to pound this meat, she smiles like someone just gave her a lollipop. We say that more girls should be proud to drain nuts the way Jana is. They should be happy to do their part in siphoning as much sauce from all the sacs in the land.
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