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Scoreland: Jazmine - Her Longest-ever Fuck

Jazmine - Her Longest-ever Fuck
"I told myself that getting it on with a stud would be something I'd never, ever forget, but I figured that I wouldn't cum because of all the distractions," said Jazmine. "Was I ever wrong! Sucking a bigger-than-usual dick was kinda hard, but incredibly sexy at the same time. Fucking it was awesome! A big part of that was because of J Mac's screwing skills. It wasn't long before I had a super orgasm. I was just about to tell him that I wanted him in my virgin butthole when he gasped that he couldn't last any longer. (He'd already lasted far longer than any other guy I've ever fucked.) If I could, I'd give myself a special treat every year and fuck J Mac again."
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