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Scoreland: Siri - Short For Sigrid

Siri - Short For Sigrid
"This year it was extremely hard to pick the models for the awards. They are all so hot! For V-mag Newcomer of the Year, I chose Siri. From head to toe, she is smoking!" wrote L.H. 
"Classic natural, huge, beautiful tits and she shows everything plus does hardcore," added G.G.
"I am married," SCORE and V-mag contest candidate Siri said. "My husband and I are swingers.  But I have been in open relationships and very experimental for years. From the time I was 19, I dated women. I dated women exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I stopped dating women and I went through my slut phase where I was obsessed with men. I think that every girl goes through a slut phase."
And now she's a SCORE and V-mag covergirl and a busty porn star.
Ten or 15 years ago, most models did not reveal their marital or domestic status. If a model was married or had a boyfriend, they usually kept it to themselves to preserve the fantasy. Many guys saw the models as their fantasy girls or available, the kind of girl they'd like to have as a girlfriend or even marry. But you can't marry a girl who's already married. Times have changed. The Net is responsible for a large part of this. Linsey Dawn's well-publicized marriage in 2000 also changed the playing field. Some models openly discuss their relationships, and everything else, on various websites. Today, being known as a wife, or the wife of a reader or member, comes across as horny. (Especially in the MILF league where it's basically a given that a model is attached.) And most guys want to know it all now. A model not being single doesn't bother them.
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