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Scoreland: Anjii Ross - The Girl They Call The Body

Anjii Ross - The Girl They Call The Body
Anjii Ross (February '13 SCORE, April '13 Voluptuous) loves role-playing, dirty-talking and rubbing out the Big O as a cam-girl. She could easily dance in a strip club but she'd rather get off on-cam. In a way, that makes us sad that you can't have a beer, watch Anjii shake her big boobs on stage and get lap dances. But, Anjii's happy doing her cam thing and that's what counts.
Titty-fucking is one of Anjii's favorite activities. "I am the best titty-fucker ever!" Anjii boasted. "I got great at it because guys want to tit-fuck me all the time!" The Florida brunette brick house demonstrated her handcrafting skills at boob-banging in a Tits & Tugs, getting a load of man-jack all over her 45 caliber guns.
In her free time, Anjii likes to spend time at the beach and she enjoys playing beach volleyball. Imagine her running and bouncing in the surf wearing a tiny bikini. She also loves watching sports and said she is a big New York Yankees fan.
"Where the hell did you find her?  Anjii is smokin hot," asks Chainfire. "Very nice," adds Chuck. "Is she related to Renee Ross? Just curious." No, no relation to Renee Ross. But they are in the SCORELAND sorority sisterhood.
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