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Scoreland: Kianna Dior - Foot Freaks Who Love Big Tits

Kianna Dior - Foot Freaks Who Love Big Tits
There are two distinct sides to busty Asian sex-star Kianna Dior. One side is the submissive, compliant fuck toy who gives one of the hottest, nastiest blow jobs in porn with loads of spitting, gagging, drooling deep-throating and ball-sucking while she makes raunchy sounds. Miss Dior is no cock-tip sucker. She sucks down to the root. When a guy drops his load in her mouth, this dirty talker plays with the cum then swallows every drop. She likes to get face-fucked and her cunt rammed.
Then there is the dominant, mean Kianna Dior. A fucking bitch who bosses guys around, shoves her feet in their faces and squeezes their cocks with her soles. She jerks them off with an expert hand job and makes them wait before they can shoot their man-milk. She taunts, teases and humiliates wussy men who need a strong, hot, sexy girl they can serve.
We talked to the complete Kianna Dior who is as sweet as they cum.
"I think I am more of a switch. I like something different every day. Sometimes I want to be teased and caressed, but sometimes I want to be in charge. I need variety. I don't want it to be like that movie, Groundhog Day, where I wake up and it's the same thing over and over. I need lots of change and variety or I get bored. I wouldn't say that I prefer foot jobs over hardcore, but I do like to play with cocks with my feet. The first time a guy sucked my toes and licked my arches, I thought to myself, 'This is really hot!' Sometimes it's nice to be touched softly and sensually."
"I like doggie-style. I like being on top. I don't mind reverse-cowgirl if I'm not doing it for too long. Reverse-cowgirl is hard on the legs. It's really a workout.  Although I know that guys who like big boobs love that position because they can see my tits and see the guy's cock going in and out of my pussy at the same time. I love swallowing cum, sometimes out of a glass."    
This freak comes to Kianna for a private session and gets the dirty, boss bitch Kianna. She orders him to drill her cunt hard while she runs the fucking show and orders him around like an Asian foot goddess. Many girls are silent when they fuck on-camera but not in a sex scene with Kianna. She likes to talk and interact. She not only fucks him, she mind-fucks him.
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