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Scoreland: Stacie Starr - Wired For Sex

Stacie Starr - Wired For Sex
In real life, 41-year-old newcomer Stacie is divorced. But here, she's a wife whose husband has completely fucked up a home-improvement project. Stacie has hired an electrician to fix the bad wiring job her hubby did on the new chandelier, but things aren't going smoothly. Carlos tells her that it's going to be a six- or seven-hour job. What the fuck does he plan on doing, wire the entire town? 'I told my husband he doesn't know what he's doing,' Stacie says. But she knows what she's doing when she strokes his leg. 'You're a very attractive man. My husband neglects me.' What a dope, neglecting a hot, big-titted number like Stacie. Carlos makes the right move. He compliments... Click here for more!
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